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Tale of The Tape
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This page is a summary of my results at the trials I've been to. This is so I can look back when I'm retired & see how my career in agility was like.

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American Variety)
Color: Red/White Parti-Color
Height at Withers: 12.25"
Weight: 14 Pounds
Favorite Food: Raw Meat
Favorite Person: My Mommy!
Favorite Thing To Do: Agility
My Jump Heights:
USDAA: 16"
AKC: 12"
Nadac: 12"
CPE: 12"
My History of Qualifying Scores YTD:
Master Standard: 10
Master Jumpers: 15
Master Gamblers: 7
Master Snooker: 14
Master Relay: 8
Grand Prix: 15
SteepleChase: 3
DAM Team Qualifiers: 4
American Kennel Club:
Excellent B Standard: 64
Excellent B JWW: 81
Double Q's: 40
Points: 1771
Nadac :
Elite Standard: 125 Points
Elite Gamblers: 60 Points
Elite Jumpers: 150 Points

MACH3 ADCH NATCH Lindas Lady Snow White Mindy, MX, MXJ, MAD, SAMCH, TM-Bronze, SCH, JCH, GM, RM, EAC, EGC, EJC, TN-E, TG-E, WV-N

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